AL-Maida Business Network (Pvt.) Ltd is where quality & innovation, taste & excellent service goes hand in hand to achieve our ultimate goal which is total customer satisfaction (TCS).We draw emphasis on quality meets innovation. Our pioneering cuisine, exceptional service and creative presentation will ensure you memorable experience that will exceed your fondest expectations.

Al-Maida Business Network (Pvt.) Ltd duly registered under the Registration the business Name act of Pakistan and under Security& Exchange Commission of Pakistan, Companies Ordinance 1984, section 32 as (Private) limited for which certificate of commencement issued, has gained reputation under few years of operation by supplying well prepared, nutritious, quality and healthy meals at competitive prices to companies which requires catering and cafeteria services for their employees. With its qualified and well trained multinational personnel AL-Maida Business Network (Pvt.) industrial catering company is able to provide quality services under the often harsh and most demanding environment of the Pakistan.

AL-Maida Business Network (Pvt.) catering services was established for the sole purpose  of providing quality living support services especially in the field of camp operation and catering services to  consistently meet our customer’s individual needs in the Pakistan area. We strive to meet all our customer demands in order to ensure our mutual benefits and growth. We believe that Quality food is necessity of life and aids in human development which can improve workers output and productivity therefore having access to nutritious food is fundamental. ALMBN works with organizations to develop and implement effective and sustainable improvements. Our strategy is to achieve leadership in our chosen markets through supervisor levels of efficiency and quality of our products. It is focused on three main core areas, in which we are committed to excel and to outperform the market. These three core areas are Customer and Client Satisfaction, Market Leadership and Preferred Employer. We provide the wide range of quality food services. Wherever required.

No Compromise On Quality

  • With safety as our number one priority, AL-MBN aims to provide and maintain a safe and healthy work environment for all employees.AL-Maida Business Network is committed to ensure, that all employees are safe from injury and risk to their health whilst at work. The goal for AL-Maida Business Network management in health, safety and environment is the pro-active prevention of work-related injuries/illness and the promotion of safe work practices, procedures and a healthy life style. We acknowledges that active co-operation of all employees is required in ensuring a safe and healthy working environment. The primary focus of all activities will be customer service whilst equally maintaining a position of excellence in the management of occupational health, safety and welfare of all staff involved in all activities. AL-MBN recognizes that the responsibility for employee safety and health requires constant and continuing efforts of a partnership of company management, its employees, sub-contractors and their employees, the client and their employees AL-MBN accepts its responsibility to lead in the promotion and practice of its health and safety program. AL-MBN shall comply strictly with all legally mandatory and generally accepted work practices and procedures for the protection and promotion of health and safety of its employees and others, who may be affected by the company’s activities, and shall strictly adhere with all site safety and health standards and job work rules and practices. Employees at all levels shall work conscientiously and diligently to execute the company’s health and safety policy of maintaining the highest standards of occupational health and safety to  prevent human suffering and losses, which result from unsafe practices.AL-MBN shall promote and enforce the development, dissemination, implementation, effectiveness and  improvement of its health and safety program. AL-MBN shall pursue a HSE strategy to achieve the company’s goal to prevent human suffering and to limit losses by leadership in the prevention of accidents, injuries and illness. AL-MBN HSE Policy emphasizes that every employee and official of the company is unreservedly committed to achieving our ultimate HSE target, which is Zero Accidents, Zero Incidents and Less Pollution Be the champions of incident free performances. Create an environment so that Zero Accidents and Incidents can be achieved.  Generate an enhanced perspective on how to look at safety on our job sites. Empower ever Remove obstacles for achieving zero accidents.  Provide a mechanism to provide personal and team recognition.  Ensure incidents and near misses are reported to local management immediately following the incident.

    HSE Policy Statement

  • PROACTIVE – Employees actively engaging in safety initiatives and recognizing and reinforcing a proactive safety culture.

     RESPONSIBILITY Taking responsibility for the care of others and ourselves.

     PREVENTION – Focusing on incident prevention rather than reaction.

     ACCOUNTABILITY – Management at all levels accountable for ensuring HSE expectation are understood, Accountability demonstrated by the team.

     LEADERSHIP – Active and visible safety leadership and ensuring safety is given the highest priority at all times.

    Quality Health & Safety – HSE Values